To My Fellow International Travellers

From: Dr Michael Harvey University of Arizona & Bond University (Australia)

Re: Personal Testimony

Date: 11/7/14

Global travel necessitates managing the minutes of details to insure the success of a trip. Without this attention to precision, a trip can go disastrously wrong! And, we have all had that nightmare.

Having travelled to Australia for eleven-years, I can assure you no one stays on top of the details for his clients like Uben Naidoo of Jetsetter Car Rentals.

Disembarking from a plane after 17 hours,the last thing you want is a problem.

In the time that I have been using Jetsetter Car Rentals, I have never had the slightest level of inconvenience or delay due to a mistake on the part of Uben or his team of customer service managers.

I cannot think of one instance where my expectations were not met or exceeded by those at Jetsetter Car Rentals.

Give Jetsetter Car Rentals,Uben and his friendly team an opportunity to show you what customer service used to be like in the bygone days when the customer was โ€˜kingโ€™.

I will highly recommend Jetsetter Car Rentals as my number one choice for car rentals on the Gold Coast.

Dr. Michael Harvey