A letter to customers, from Owner/Operator Uben of Jetsetter Car Rentals…

Amazing. Wow. What a wonderful journey we have been through. Today marks our twentieth year operating on the Gold Coast!!! Serving our visitors and travelling friends since we opened our doors on the 9th of May 2003!   

I would like to personally thank all customers that have been to visit over the last two decades, met us and used our rental cars! We hope you enjoyed your travels and road trips and can visit us again soon! Thank you for following @jetsettercarrentals business and recognising what has been built by hard work, honesty and good old fashion personalised service.

We worked through the ups and downs of having a small business, we work 7 days a week and we have seen much change in the market over the years and notable achievement also having survived the Covid period when borders were shut.

In September 2020. There was only three or four return flights coming into the Gold Coast Airport, that was only an average of just 750 passengers total in and out a day.

We are so happy to see you coming back and enjoying your holidays and the local economy also bouncing back and business travellers also returning. We upgraded with a newer fleet to meet the needs of our returning domestic in the last years. Welcome back to the Gold Coast!

In April 2022 we noticed things coming back, but it has been long journey. Now it is 2023 and just this February I heard that there were more than 429,000 passengers travelling through the Gold Coast airport and Gold Coast Airport and Queensland Airport reports a jump of 45% even from the year before.

Thank you all again. I am feeling both proud and humbled at the same time.

– from, Uben